CO.FI eatchillate

About us

There is always something for everyone

Cofi Eatchillate concept is a combination of a cosmopolitan dining and a upmarket lounge that caters for the niche market of discerning clientele who wants good food as well as a vibey ambience .We treat both the lifestyle (vibey ambience) and food quality with equal importance, we do not neglect or sacrifice one area of our business to concentrate on the other. eatchillate’s cosmopolitan look and feel appeals to a wide variety of consumers.

One thing that rings true within our base of clientele is that “Once a customer always a customer”

The History

The first store was opened in October of 2005 in Brooklyn with resounding success. The concept was fresh and well researched. It catered for a niche market of discerning clientele who wanted good food as well as vibey ambiance without sacrificing the quality of their surroundings. The very cosmopolitan look and feel of appeals to a wide variety of consumers and therefore amassed popularity very quickly.

We have also managed to centralize operations within the Franchise so as to ensure optimal operational success by being fully aware of basic business in all venues. The Franchise group does research into the markets and trends of the respective areas it intends to open stores in. Everything from business vs. residential spread of that area to disposable income and age statistics are reviewed when considering prospective.

Our Vision:

To create an environment where people feel free to express themselves casually, socially and professionally, where we provide the canvas and our customers the rest, thus building strong and successful ventures which will have an impact and blossom nationwide.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to be dedicated at all times to our customers and employees without ever sacrificing the quality which our enterprise strives to achieve and maintain.